Special Package

A. Cap Tikus Package 4D/3N

    Cap Tikus is a special alcohol from minahasa. Cap Tikus (Mouse Brand) is a potion with an average content of 40% acohol that is obtained through processing saguer (a local potent palm wine); the white fluid that is extracted from the enau (Arenga pinnata) tree, in the Minahasa language called pohon seho. The height of the alcohol content of Cap Tikus is determined by the quality of the process.

      With this trip, you will learn and see the process of making saguer and cap tikus and if possible you can bring it back to your country as a souvenir.


B. Toar Lumimuut Package 5D/4N

     The legend in Minahasa and Minahasan people believes that according to legend, the Minahasa people descended, came to Northern Celebes, they were the man Toar (sun) and the woman Lumimu'ut (earth). She was a female warrior, shaped from a coral rock, washed in the sea, heated by the sun and fertilized by the West wind. They, at first, camped on a vulcanic island, Manado Tua (Old Manado), close to the shores of the Minahasa, opposite Manado. After a long time they separate than they meet again and they didnt recognise each other and also their staff in not a same length anymore and than they married and the minahasan people is their descendant.

      This trip was making for tourist whose want to know how the minahasan people lives. Stay in the village and lives just like minahasan lives. You will see and enjoy and learn how their farm, go to the forrest, make saguer and cap tikus, their culture, etc and of course stay with them.


C. Kawok Package 4D/3N

     Kawok is minahasan names for a kind of food from  rats. Rats is different kind of species like mouse. This is a typical and lives in the forrest or junggle. Minahasan people eat this and the taste is very delicious.

      With this trip, you will hunting rats in the junggle or farming. You will make a trap to catch this rats or hunting them in the junggle. Enjoy it and than after that you will cook it and eat it. Yummy !!!


D. Pengucapan Harvest Package 4D/3N ( JULY-AUGUST )

    Pengucapan is same like Thanksgiving in America or other part of the world. Minahasan people also making a party like this in the harvest time. It is always on July or August. Once a year beside christmas, every village and region in Minahasa will celebrate pengucapan or thanksgiving. This event is a moment that the people of minahasa have to thank God for all the blessing to them through the year. In this moment their house will open and they will sharing food and some of the harvest for family, friends, colleague and others whose visited their house. Before that, you can enjoy with the people to go to farm for havest time and the harvest cloves.

    Enjoy Minahasa with this trip to discover another part of culture of minahasan people.


E. Tou Dano  Package 4D/3N

     Tou Dano is Tondano. It is means man who likes the lakes. The region and main city of minahasa is Tondano because they lives around this lakes. This lakes has so much benefit for the people such as fish, vegetables, prawn, etc.

     Go around Tondano with this trip, fishing with the boat at Tondano Lake, and do some activity and have fun at tropical lake in Tondano.


F. Trompong Package 3D/2N

    Trompong is just like a rakit. A small place from bamboo and wood on the oceand. It is a place for take  and catch fish in the ocean. In trompong a man lives for protect it. This is one of type of Manado people to catch fish besides fishing.

    This  trip  was making for people who wants to have a new adventures in their life to stay one or two nights in the ocean.


G. Tude Package 4D/3N

     Tude is one kind of name of fish in North Sulawesi. It is like small tuna. Manado people loves to eat it. This trip is a fishing trip with traditional fishing.

      If you like fishing and fisihing lovers, you can enjoy with traditional fisherman to catch fish in the ocean in front of Manado Bay. Catch the fish, and that after that in the morning you can cook and eat fresh fish from our ocean.